When you need it most!

When we are physically ill we don't hesitate to seek medical care. When you are feeling overwhelmed with life situations we don't know where to turn.

You are not alone!

Life changes are challenging and easliy overwhelming. Let us help you move down your next path.

Relationship conflicts can actually bond!

Learn how to grow and learn from the conflicts in your personal relationships.

"Courage is not the absence of despair; it is, rather the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair" - Rollo May

We provide a safe and compassionate place at a time you might feel confused and unable to cope.
Military Culture

Military is a unique culture, we are prepared to employ multicultural counseling.

Gambling Addiction

Addictive Gambling: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment. We specialize in helping you through this.


Learn about the many effective ways of dealing with depression including therappy, medication, and lifestyle changes.

Grief & Loss

We will help you move through the grief and pain of your loss.

Additional Services

Individual Counseling

Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you to discuss the concerning issues. We specialize in online counseling and in person.

Family Counseling

Kansas City Family Counselor. We can help you use your conflicts to grow and learn about each individual in your family.

Group Counseling

Personal growth through the use of interpersonal interaction. Let us show you that others truly understand your feelings and challenges.

Marital/Couples Counseling

Kansas City Couples Counseling. Licensed therapists that help you recognize and manage your differences. Take the first step in growing your relationship.

Teen Counseling

Teens face many new challenges and each react differently. Schedule if they need information, support or guidance.

Corporation Counseling

Important resource that gives your employees guidance on everything from day-to-day issues to major corporate changes. Happy employees make happy customers.

It's Your Life.....Treat It Well..